Sunday, April 2, 2017

Camp NaNoWriMo & Non-Compliance!

Yesterday was the start of Camp NaNoWriMo, which is an online community where you pledge to write a novel (supposedly, but it's really just a certain word count) in one month. It's the same as regular NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November where you pledge to write 50,000 words, but for Camp NaNoWriMo you can set your own goal. My goal is 50,000 words, which should be very doable since I'm revising my zero draft, not starting from scratch.

I like the idea of Camp NaNoWriMo because camp always makes me think of these gals:

Lumberjanes. Love love love this comic

Also, November is a terrible month to do a writing sprint because it's one of the busiest months of the year. Last year was my first time attempting NaNoWriMo and it was a total bust. Part of it was because of real life obligations getting in the way, but mostly it was the election; I sank into a bit of a depression that was really hard to pull myself out of. Every time I sat in front of my laptop, I just felt so defeated and wondered what the point was.

I'm happy to say that I finally snapped out of it and am back in the fight. In fact, I'm so fired up that I declared my non-compliance with this bad-ass tattoo:

Bitch Planet/Captain Marvel tattoo; both written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
I got it yesterday and it's still oozy and tender, but I love it so damn much. If you're ever in the Chicagoland area and looking for a tattoo, I highly recommend Speakeasy Custom Tattoo. I went with Sean because he worked on my friend Robbie's amazing comic book sleeves, so I knew his style was what I was looking for.

So April is looking to be a busy. busy month for me. Persona 5 comes out April 4th and I already know it's gonna be a problem. I told my husband that I'm not allowed to play unless I'm averaging the correct daily word count (meaning I can write less one day, as long as the previous days I've written enough to keep me on schedule). I warned him that I'd probably get mad at him, but he has to hold firm and make sure I keep writing, or else I'll sink into hours and hours of JRPG bliss without any hope of coming out.

I've also got multiple book launches and author events to attend, which I'm definitely looking forward to, plus C2E2 and Malice Domestic at the end of the month. So many writerly and geeky things to look forward to ^^

P.S. Quick writing tip: Save your work CONSTANTLY. I got up to 1300+ words yesterday when my laptop randomly reset itself. Thank Jebus I'm paranoid and save every 5 seconds, or I would've cried.

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  1. Wow seems like you have had a pretty exciting beginning of this year. How was your book launch? Is it available on your website? :D


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